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Changing demands of increasingly complex market scenarios force businesses to act swiftly and continuously reinvent themselves to meet and exceed their customers' expectations. Innovative business models have become the key to sustainable competitive advantage and profitability.

UserEase depth and breadth of technical knowledge and expertise can provide a sound strategy to create such a model, one that is tailored specifically to your organization, and that allows it to keep pace with the latest business trends and technology advances. Let UserEase transform the way you do business by optimizing processes, aligning IT with business needs, supporting IT operations, and designing effective risk management strategies.

Our Offering
UserEase partners with you to define and address your organization's unique transformation imperative. We work in transparent consultation with our clients to define their business goals, devise a strategy, decide on a course of action, develop a solution, deploy it across the organization, and deliver improved business results. Our integrated consulting and IT services capabilities bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.

  • Integrated end-to-end IT enabled business transformation: We help enterprises across the value chain with  our benefits-driven, integrated approach that delivers sustainable results.
  • Proven methodology and fact-based approach: Our methodologies incorporate best practices and are set  for uniformed processes and delivery.
  • Global expertise: Our consultants have a wealth of expertise and international experience, enabling us to focus on your local demands within the context of your global business requirements.

Business Consulting
Defining a business's transformation imperative begins with assessing its goals and the environment in which it operates. UserEase Business Consulting services help enterprises envision innovative business models and provide advice on how to best achieve adoption. We have the skills and resources to help organizations define, measure, and successfully manage their journey to business transformation.

Our Business Consulting Services include :

Business Process Management (BPM)

UserEase Business Process Management helps enterprises realize their vision of a process-managed organization by defining agile business processes, making a fast and positive impact, while enabling result-focused technology integration

  • Envision BPM: identifying the organization's business needs and defining a robust strategy and actionable  "take-off plan"
  • Enable BPM: defining agile and efficient business processes to build competitive advantage
  • Realize BPM: ensuring result-focused technology integration through business processes, and establishing continuous process optimization.

Business Change Management (BCM)

UserEase Change Management focuses on people to ensure that change is brought about smoothly, effectively, and with minimum resistance. Our Change Management activities are directed toward the identification and mitigation of the

people-oriented risks associated with accomplishing the change objectives. Our phased process includes:

  • Creating awareness : bringing common understanding of intended change aligned with individual values and ensuring that the knowledge about the change has occurred.
  • Building acceptance : creating environments conducive to change in mindsets and sense of ownership to gain positive perception on the change initiative
  • Accomplishing adoption : transferring ownership of the change program to the business through institutionalization and internalization
  • Achieving assimilation : coaching, problem solving, and addressing persistent pockets of resistance

As global organizations strive to align business and IT strategies and derive maximum value from their IT  investments, they need optimal program management frameworks and skills to meet their investment goals.

Business Solutions
UserEase Business Solutions bring the right mix of insight and capabilities to ensure that customers reach their strategic objectives. This discipline focuses on delivering Process Value Stream Improvement, with the objective of an end-to-end process integration approach.

  • Overcoming the challenges faced in managing business strategy, change, motivation, and processes in order to achieve an efficient work culture and maximum ROI

IT Consulting

IT Process and Service Management
UserEase IT Process and Service Management provides measurable business benefits by improving IT process maturity.

Our expertise includes IT Development and Support process improvement. We use a unique blend of process, technology, organizational capabilities, and people to deliver robust methodologies and consistent processes. Our services in

this area include :

  • Gap Analysis and Appraisals
  • Systemic Model Based Process Improvements
  • Quantified Improvements
  • Next Generation Software Methodology

IT Strategy and Governance
Using expertise and insight gained from engagements with market leaders, we deliver result-oriented solutions to facilitate business IT alignment, value maximization, while making organizations compliant and secure. To ensure increased accountability, agility and improved business results, IT Strategy and Governance frameworks help organizations govern and manage priorities, people and processes and run IT like business.