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Key Team

UserEase is in the business of developing, selling and implementing high quality software products, concepts and  consulting services relating to Apparel and Allied Industries since 1984. The company prides itself on the quality of its people. It uses a combination of it's own consultants, associates and other tied up alliances and institutions, who can bring a wealth of experience and skills to meet the needs of it's customers.

UserEase has a commitment to quality and is focused on meeting  the business objectives of it's clients through a series  of highly specialized  and  experienced , solution providing and implementation methodologies .

Sunil Arora :
Post Graduate in Information Technology & Business Management, having over 25 years of Business Management  & IT Consulting, experience for Apparel & Allied Industries in ERP , SCM , CRM & E-Business for  Indian, Asian Pacific , European & US Clients. Having excellent customer communication and engagement management skills with the ability to drive the engagement lifecycle from inception to completion.

As a management consultant , he specializes in matching corporate business strategies to IT strategies. He has special interest in business engineering and the effective management of change when developing & implementing  large scale IT systems. Although from systems background ,he is focused on providing business solutions. He believes that the implementation of Enterprise Systems from UserEase  can improve the way companies do business.  Having worked for several years on the people issues involved with re-engineering of both business and management processes , He has been able to contribute valuable guidance to those tasked with implementing enterprise  solutions .

He has been a Senior Faculty at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) , New Delhi , teaching ERP for Apparel Industry  to post graduate students and industry sponsored candidates. He has also been the Editor for Apparel Section of the website www.indiamart.com in initial phases. He has spoken at numerous  conferences on Information requirements of the Worldwide Apparel Industry and contributed regularly to publications relating to the  industry. He has given visiting lectures at FIT , New York and IIT, Delhi on ERP,SCM and Best Business Practices being followed in the Fashion Industry across the of Globe.

Sudhir Arora :
He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has focused on IT usage  for Apparel Industry  for over a period of 20 years. While working with the industry he has gained  specialization  in RDBMS, Data Flow Logics, System Analysis,  Internal Control & Checking Procedures, Audit Trails and Security mechanisms of the  Enterprise Applications through his analytical in-depth studies. This has left him with  deep routed  strategic understanding of IT systems and their impact on Apparel business as a whole.

He specializes  in developing  the customer focused culture  and merge it with implementation of UserEase Enterprise Applications , to give organizations the edge they require to become market leaders. His management concepts, commercial knowledge and wide experience on RDBMS is deep routed into the UserEase products. His clients from  USA and Europe  have special respect for his business process oriented training and customization requests. He uses project management and strategy implementation experience to ensure strategic alignment of information technology with business requirements.

He has of recent years been heavily involved in coordinating  and developing  the  New Generation Enterprise Solutions from UserEase ,  involving latest concepts of  Client Server , GUI  and Internet , as  well as the latest in  Management and Accounting principles.

Avadhesh Tyagi :
As an associate of Theo Finance and a member of the Foreign Reps he had been helping the exporter community in India for the follow up in realizing export proceeds and for arranging representatives for them at any part of the Globe.

Presently in-charge of the India operations of UserEase, has been working with and for the Apparel Industry since 1990.  Having worked closely with some top exporters has gained thorough knowledge of the garment industry with good understanding of the practical problems of the industry.  He specializes in providing simple and workable IT solutions to overcome  problems and achieve better efficiency  at all levels of the organization.

Apart from his valuable contribution at UserEase for the development and implementation of GEMS, he has been directly responsible for successfully implementing Garment Exports Management Systems at several reputed Garment Export Houses.

Because of his business acumen and in depth knowledge of the Garment Industry his suggestions and implementation methodology are favorite amongst most of our clients. This particularly helps in understanding clients' specific requests for customizations and further extensions of the ERP solution. Viewing a client's requirement from the perspective of a realistic implementer is what he specializes in. He has been giving visiting lectures at IAM , Gurgaon , Pearl Institute of Fashion , Delhi and Amity University , Noida for ERP for Apparel Industry